What are the dates of Summer Camp?

– Dates for camp are Sunday, June 14 through Saturday, June 20, 2020

What age does my child have to be to attend camp?

– We use school grade to determine camper eligibility. All kids who will be entering 3rd-9th grade in the upcoming school year are eligible to attend camp.

3rd grade through 9th grade is a large difference in ages. How does this work?

– We divide our camp into three different program groups and cabin areas. 3rd-4th, 5th-6th and 7th-9th. These age groups have their own separate cabin area, program time and afternoon activities (swimming, art, field games). As a camp community, we enjoy our music, meals, worship and campfires together with all the age groups. This gives campers both fun time separate from the other ages and also group time with everyone!

What are the accommodations like?

– We hold our camp at Camp Alexander Mack (www.campmack.org) in Milford, IN. This is a facility of the Church of the Brethren and they are wonderful hosts for the week we are there. The campers and their counselors stay on bunk beds in screened-in wooden cabins that sleep approximately 10 people. There are restroom and shower facilities located in each cabin area. Campers swim in beautiful Lake Waubee, and eat in the Kate Warstler Dining Hall in the new John Kline Welcome Center building. Some of the support staff, including our medical team, are housed in a rustic lodge, Ulrich House, right near the cabin areas.

What type of supervision do the campers have?

– We are blessed every year to have a wonderful, talented and experienced staff. Every cabin has at least two staff members who are responsible for their cabin group of 8-10 children. The counselors sleep in the cabin with the campers in order to be involved and available at all times. At least one of the assigned counselors is an adult (18+), and many of them are parents/grandparents of current or former campers! We also have a small group of Counselors-in-Training (CIT’s) who are staff members under the age of 18. CIT’s are always assigned with a counselor and share the leadership and supervision responsibility with their co-counselor. In addition to the cabin counselors, we have a wonderful support staff for music, arts and crafts, field games, program curriculum, medical team and chaplains. All of the staff report directly to the Camp Directors and undergo training as required by the Diocese.

Is there someone on staff who knows First Aid? What if my child takes medicine?

– We have medical staff on site 24-hours a day. This staff is available for First Aid, over-the-counter medicine, and tending illness, as well as dispensing all prescription medicine any camper or staff brings. It is our strict policy that ALL medicine (prescription or otherwise) stay locked in the care of our camp medical team. Our medical staff are available to administer any required medicines at their scheduled times, 24-hours a day. In addition, all Camp Mack staff are trained in First Aid as well as emergency response. Camp Mack also provides the trained lifeguards for any waterfront activity.

Is there a camp for high school age kids?

– Yes! The diocese offers a wonderful Senior High programs. Senior High summer programs are organized and run by a different staff, so please check out www.ednin.org for further details!

Do you need volunteers?

– We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in serving on our staff. Our most important need every year is for cabin counselors! Please contact us at episcopalcamp@gmail.com with any questions or click the “Forms and Info” tab to download an application should you feel called to this ministry.

How much does camp cost?

– Please check the registration form on the “Forms and Info” page for the current year’s cost. The Diocese of Northern Indiana generously subsidizes a portion of camp’s operating costs and expenses, so the fee we advertise is already discounted from the actual cost of camp.

Is there scholorship assistance available?

– Scholarships are available. Please complete the camper registration form and return it to us with a note stating your interest in scholarship assistance. We make every attempt to find a way to help make camp possible regardless of your financial situation. Each request is handled individually and all discussion regarding scholarship/finances are kept confidential.

How do I register my child for camp?

– Please click on the “Forms and Info” page and click the link for the online registration form (registration opens in late Winter each year). Remember to send in your deposit along with the form. In addition, we require all campers to have the medical release form signed by their parent/guardian. The Medical Release Form does not need to be sent with the registration form, but it is mandatory that we have the signed form the first day of camp! (Please do not wait for the medical form to send in your registration!)

What do the campers need to bring?

– Welcome letters are mailed a few weeks prior to camp and include a list of what to bring and what to leave at home. This list will also be available on the “Forms and Info” page.

May my child invite a friend?

– Absolutely! This is the best way to share their camp experience! While the camp is run by the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana, we feel that inviting friends to camp is a great way to share God’s good work. If requested, we make every effort to be sure your campers and their friends can be in the same cabin (assuming they are in the same grade).

May I visit my child during the week?

– We completely understand the desire to do so, but experience has shown that this is disruptful to the overall goal of building community. During the week we are working hard to help your child grow and thrive in this Christian camp experience. We have found that it is best to avoid anything that can interrupt this effort. Also, for other campers to see a fellow camper have parents or friends visit does not always seem fair to the children whose parents aren’t able to be there. This does not mean camp is closed to all visitors, which occasionally do come by. We especially encourage your parish priest to come visit camp! Please feel free to personally ask your priest/minister to visit camp to see your child!

What does a typical day look like?

– Here is a general outline of the daily schedule (always subject to change)

Morning Activities:

  • Polar Bear Swim (optional, but fun!)
  • Music-Daily Theme Intro-Program Time
  • Worship/Eucharist

Afternoon Activities:

  • Swimming
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Field Games

Evening Activities:

  • Past favorites… Gross Games/Water Games/Scavenger Hunt/Minute to Win It!
  • Group singing and merriment, campfire
  • Cabin Devotions